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Breakthrough: Fair Access to Federal Contracts for Women-Owned Firms

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$90 Billion and Counting.... 

The WOSB / EDWOSB Program is Missing the Mark Again for 2013. 

From USA Spending Prime Award Data as of 4/17/13 for 2013 FYTD shows Women's Contracting FY13 YTD = 3.37%. 

  • # of Firms in DSBS as of 4/15/13: 
    • 8a Firms = 8,045 
    • WOSB Firms = 20,898 E
    • EWOSB Firms = 7,871 
  • Set Asides $s: 
    • 8a Obligated = $3.3 Billion (26,950 contracts) 
    • WOSB = $7.9 Million (213 contracts)
    • EDWOSB = $1.4 Million (90 Contracts) 
    • WOSB/EDWOSB Total $9.3 Million  / 303 Contracts

*2012 was about 3.9%

It is imperative that the small business goals be met or exceeded. We understand that, in the beginning, the 8a program had its challenges.  It is good to see that is now works. In order to bring the women’s program into par with the other socioeconomic programs, we must take legislative action. 

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Did you know?

Access to Contracts for Women-Owned BusinessesYear after year the federal government takes our tax dollars and spends our hard earned revenues without regard for the legal and moral obligation to award women-owned firms our fair share of federal contracts.

In 1994, Congress established an incredibly low 5% goal for contracting with women-owned firms. Since 1994, year after year, the federal government has failed to meet or beat the 5% goal for federal contracting with women-owned small businesses.
The consequences of this discriminatory failure? Women-owned firms have lost $90 billion of dollars in opportunities. This colossal opportunity loss negatively impacts women's business growth, retirement preparedness, our families, our employees, our employee's families and our communities.  

Between FY 1995 and FY 2010, the total loss to women-owned firms due to the failure of the federal government to meet the 5% contracting goal is $89,926,788,994.

Three Years Later and that number has continued to climb...

It's Time for a Change.

End the discrimination against women-owned businesses

The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce is stepping up again to lead the charge to end the decades of financial discrimination against women. No more will we allow politicians to proclaim their love of women without putting the money (due us) where their mouths are we expect our fair share of federal contracts. With your support and focused leadership on this very important issue, the political shell game will end here and now.  And we won't stop until we see change!

How to end the discrimination against women in business.

There is a clear path of action for our political leaders to act upon to end the decades of discrimination against women.

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Issue Executive Order 

Lead the federal government through an executive order that does not require Congressional action.
    • Tell the President to end the discrimination against women-owned businesses.PROCLAIM:  The federal government will end the shortfall in federal contracting with women-owned small businesses this year (FY 2013).
    • DIRECT:  Every federal contracting officer in the U.S. to successfully complete a web-based training session on the use and effective implementation of the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program.
    • DIRECT:  Every buying center to meet or beat their goals for contracting with women-owned small businesses -- without exception.
    • DIRECT:  The Small Business Administration and the Small Business Dashboard to immediately prepare and publish more detailed reporting on small business (and women-owned) federal contracting to include the total number of women-owned firms securing federal contracts this year and over the past four years, the average and mean value of these contracts (and as compared to small business purchasing as a whole), details of the success (and the contact information for the leader) each agency's purchasing group's achievement of small business and women-owned small business federal contracting goals.
    • BUDGET:  Right-size the Small Business Administration so as to effectively manage the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program. 

Take immediate action to pass legislation that will end years of discrimination against women-owned small business owners.

Tell Congress to end the discrimination against women business owners.LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES:   

WOSB / EDWOSB Legislation is needed to fix these issues and ensure contracts are going to women-owned firms.

  • Add a sole source program that is in alignment with the 8(a), HUBZone and Service Disabled Veteran programs using the criteria for economic disadvantaged and industry under-representation already established for the existing program. 
  • Remove the Contracting Officers obligation to approve self-certifications which has been a major obstacle to the favorable use of the program.
  • Hold Agencies accountable for using the program. Hold Agency Heads  & Contracting Officers accountable for using the program (please note that the small business offices are doing all they can.  This needs to come from the top down– the Secretaries need to be committed.)
  • Add Mentor Protégé Program

  • RAISE THE GOAL for purchasing with women-owned firms from the paltry and discriminatory 5% goal to a 10%, which more accurately reflects our standing in U.S. business ownership.
  • RAISE THE GOAL for purchasing with small businesses from 23% to 35%, which more accurately reflects the make up of U.S. business ownership.
  • REMOVE THE DISCRIMINATORY LIMIT on NAICS codes available to the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program. No other limited-competition program has such discriminatory limitations. This action will open up the program to all women-owned small businesses.
  • END THE EXCLUSIONS to the small business contracting goals. These unwarranted exclusions from the 23% small business contracting mandate are simply unfair carve-outs that rob small businesses of billions of dollars in lost opportunity every year.
  • BRING TRANSPARENCY by mandating the federal government publish timely and detailed reporting of federal contracting with small businesses that go far beyond the "total spent" and "percentage spent" with small business. Using the existing data already collected by the federal government, it would be extremely easy to provide much greater and informative details such as, (a)  the total number of women-owned firms securing federal contracts over each of the last four year (as compared to other large and small businesses), (b)  the average and mean size of these contracts, (c) all details broken down by agency and purchasing group.
  • RIGHT-SIZE the Small Business Administration budget so as to effectively manage the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program.
GET STARTED:  Take Action Today

Women business owners and supporters, we urge you to come together now to end the decades of discrimination and billions of dollars of lost opportunity for women and our communities. Raise your voices.  Hold Washington accountable.  Declare that this discrimination ends today by taking action now.

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